About Us

We are ordinary people who use the bike to get about, whether for shopping and commuting or to enjoy the countryside and go sight seeing. 

We want cycling to be an enjoyable experience for everybody.

Cycle routes that are useful and usable, roads that have space for cycling. Cycle routes that go places and don't suddenly end.

You are welcome to meet us at one of our monthly meetings, usually at Basingstoke College for Technology (BCOT) by contacting the secretary (see diary dates). 

Hampshire County Council has agreed to our request for  a blue super highway for bikes down the A30,  now we have to hold them to their promise - a lot more difficult

A bit of history...

A number of members of Cycle Basingstoke where already active before the formation of Cycle Basingstoke in September 2014.

Some of our members belonged to Basingstoke Bicycle Users Group, a consultative group to the council which was disbanded in early 2012. They asked for a cycle route along Alencon link and this cycle route - a very expensive project - actually opened in 2014. (Now we want it improved as it does not actually go as far as the station.)

They helped residents get the Oakley – Kempshott cycle route built. Today this is a safe, popular cycle track. They also asked for facilities to help cyclists across the roundabout at the Buckskin Lane/Worting Road junction by the Pitch and Putt. We are asking for a cycle connection between Old Worting Road and the cycle path by Davies Garage.

A bit of cycling...

Two members of Cycle Basingstoke lead rides for ladies, some are nervous of riding on the road, others just want some company.

Search for rides in Basingstoke on the Breeze website (select “Include Women Only” on the results page) or check the Breezeingatoke Facebook page.


Our chair, Heather, is a keen cyclist - she uses the bike for shopping, commuting, meeting friends as well as leisure rides and holidaying at home and abroad.  She enjoyed tandeming with her husband and now finds a fold up Brompton useful when travelling by train.

A long term campaigner she was mentioned by Maria Miller in Parliament during a debate on cycling.  She has advised local councillors on cycling and is in contact with various other campaigners up and down the country.

We welcome support from all cycle enthusiasts, including those who do not cycle yet. Even if you are fifty or more, it is not too late to learn to cycle. 

Cycling UK Affiliated Campaign Group