Previous Campaigns

Since the formation of Cycle Basingstoke in 2014 we have been busy...


Pyotts House Pyotts Hill
A planning application was been submitted to Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council for permission to build 12 houses at Pyotts Hill, Chinham. Read more...

Local Plan and Cycling
On 26 May 2016, Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council adopted the Local Plan 2011-2029, to guide future development in the borough. Cycle Basingstoke campaigned for the inclusion of good cycling infrastructure. Read more...


Basingstoke cycling strategy
Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council has published a Cycling strategy and proposed strategic cycle map. Cycle Basingstoke took part in the public consultation and provided comments on the draft strategy. Read more...

Cufaude Lane Closure
NCN 23 at Cufaude Lane was closed on 26 October due to major road works, with less than a fortnight's notice given. No provision was made for cyclists. Read more...

Critical Care Unit
A planning application was submitted to Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council for permission to build a critical treatment hospital on land at Winchester Road near Dummer. Read more...

Hampshire Cycling Strategy
Hampshire County Council has published a Hampshire Cycling Strategy. Cycle Basingstoke took part in the public consultation. Read more...


Basingstoke cycle strategy
We have lobbied for a cycle strategy and an improved cycle map, like the ones in Cheltenham and Peterborough. As our Christmas present for 2014 the borough council told us they were going ahead with our suggestions. In February we provided the council with further details as to what sort of map we needed. Read more... [link to detailed page above]

Local politicians
The local labour party has adopted cycling as part of its manifesto. Parliamentary candidate Paul Harvey attended one of our meetings. Local labour councillors supported us in asking for better cycle facilities across Brighton Hill roundabout.

Maria Miller MP mentioned local borough cyclists in a speech in the House. Heather Rainbow and Maria Miller took council officers on a tour round the roundabouts and the station looking at how cycling could be made easier

Waitrose development
We spoke to representatives of Waitrose/John Lewis asking for better cycle access to the store and asked the council for safer provision for cyclists during the building works.