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We will use your membership details anonymously to lobby for better conditions for cycling. We will also use the info to ask you for help or send you information if you have requested this. 

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Note that since Cycle Basingstoke is affiliated to Cycling UK, our supporters can enjoy 'individual affiliated Cycling UK membership' for only £24 per year. This provides Third Party cover in case of an accident while cycling.

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Donations are welcome, please contact Donations help us campaign for a better deal for cyclists in the borough. 

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If you would like to meet the campaign team check the calendar and email us to say you would like to attend.  Meetings are friendly and lively as well as getting a lot done. This is when the latest news is circulated.

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Our supporters are the ears and eyes of Cycle Basingstoke, so if there is something you think we should know or campaign about please let us know. Likewise, please encourage your friends to join and share us on Facebook.

To contact us, email us at or use the contact box below or visit our Facebook page.

Share information

You can help other cyclists by recording difficulties or making route recommendations on  You can also upload photos there. 

Your help to complete the information on openstreetmap is also needed Cycle Basingstoke has been lobbying for a high grade cycle map which will use the info. We have recorded on Openstreetmap, so it is really important that we have as much info as possible and that it is regularly corrected.

If you cannot manage meetings but wish to discuss a campaign issue go to and log in there. All information on these sites is interlinked and not only helps cyclists, it is a valuable information source when lobbying the council for better conditions. 




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