Proposal from Cycle Basingstoke a campaign group helping people to cycle


Cycle Basingstoke is asking local businesses to adopt a cycling  manifesto and to lobby local government for cycle infrastructure that is fit for purpose so that employees can cycle to work or take their children cycling at weekends.  In May 2018  we distributed it to businesses at a Vision 2050 consultation and in October we started talks with Sony.  


Business in Basingstoke recognises that a cycle culture has many benefits to the company, its employees and the local environment.


Business will encourage and support its employees to cycle to work or on business at work

Business will provide convenient, secure cycle storage

Business will lobby the planning authority and the highways authority for the cycle infrastructure to enable its employees to cycle to work.


Benefits of a cycle culture and increased cycling


  • A healthy work force, improved morale and less absenteeism

  • Less space needed for car parking

  • More compact business parks – reducing journey distance

  • Bicycles  are space efficient vehicles leading to

  • More space on the roads and less congestion à more efficient logistics and less delays


More  benefits are evidenced based by Cycling Uk.   or on a paper version available from Cycle Basingstoke

Good quality cycle  infrastructure is essential for business


It is difficult to promote a cycling culture and the benefits are greatly reduced if there is a lack of suitable cycle infrastructure.

Congestion costs business time and money, more cycling could dramatically reduce congestion.  Only 1 % of people in Basingstoke cycle to work and up to 81% of the population use the car.  There is the potential to increase cycling from 1 % to 26% with e-bikes and the right infrastructure according to government statistics. ( ) DfT


Business can ask the highways and planning authorities for a dense, coherent cycle network, usable by all, so that employees can choose direct, fast, safe routes to work.   This is possible if planners used  Manual for Streets and  London Cycle Design Standards. 


Cycle Basingstoke is a member of the Transport Partnership for Basingstoke and Deane and affiliate member of Cycling UK.  We are willing to collaborate with businesses to implement this manifesto.  Please contact us at