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Air Pollution and Transport in August 2017

posted Aug 10, 2017, 9:39 AM by Heather Rainbow
We asked for more work to make transport clean at the recent meeting of Sustainable Basingstoke with Borough and County officers.  This was chaired by Maria Miller MP who said that all roads and traffic schemes need to be cycle proofed as per the Minister's statement.  Air pollution damages our health and is a "national health emergency".
Fumes from petrol and diesel vehicles are the main cause of severe air pollution in the Town.  You can see the figures on the Friends of the Earth website as well as the Borough website.  Just switching from car to bike means you produce zero emissions.  Vehicles are taxed on their emission rates so bicycle are not eligible for tax.  Problem is there are no good cycle routes
The officer for  Transport Strategy at Hampshire County Council said he was keen to work with Heather over problems  cyclists had  getting round/across roundabouts, especially those that have been revamped on the A30 and Black Dam.

Basingstoke Transition Network has put up 14 air monitors and found that minimum legal limits were breached in 4 cases and others were dangerously close to the limit.  There is no safe limit which prevents lung damage from diesel soot or dust otherwise known as particulate matter which is smaller than the thickness of a hair.

In some parts of Basingstoke 70% of all work journeys are by car and overall only 2% of journeys are done by bike.  Just imagine the difference to our air and our health if 70% of journeys were by bike and only 2% by car!!  But we need the right road design for cycling - that is where Cycle Basingstoke is working hardest.