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Reprioritising road safety October 2017

posted Oct 6, 2017, 11:18 AM by Heather Rainbow   [ updated Oct 6, 2017, 11:21 AM ]

Last week, the Government’s latest road casualty statistics showed that a steady 45-year fall in road deaths has come to an end and may have started rising. Yet road safety, walking, cycling and local transport were all omitted from Transport Secretary Chris Grayling’s party conference speech.  Instead, the Government has initiated a cycle safety review following the recent Charlie Alliston case, starting with the question of whether to introduce new offences of dangerous and careless cycling.  When journalist Laura Laker questioned the Government’s priorities via the Guardian Bike Blog, Minister Jesse Norman responded with a personal attack which ignored her main points. These have now been echoed by a letter to the Times from 15 leading transport academics, including five professors.  Given the much greater rise in pedestrian fatalities hit by motor vehicles, we hope ministers will now listen to these experts.

locally Heather asked for confusing End of route signs to be removed from cycle paths and replaced with direction signs.  She was told this week by Hampshire County Council (HCC) that they had lots of complaints about cyclists on pavements and therefore End of route signs were essential.  She is baffled as to why the council is therefore building cycle routes on new pavements.  Cyclists need cycleways not pavements, and neither pedestrians nor cyclists like sharing routes beside busy roads.

Heather was also told that HCC needed to spend their time on Traffic and Safety and casualty reduction so there was little time to discuss End of Route signs.

No end of route sign here in Worcester, very clear that you do not continue on the pavement.