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CTC Northampshire

North Hampshire branch of the Cyclists' Touring Club

Breeze Network Basingstoke

Bike rides for women (select “Include Women Only” on the results page when searching for a ride). They have a Facebook page too.

Cycle Club Basingstoke

CCB is a cycling club with a focus on road racing.

Hatch Warren and Beggarwood Cycling Club

We are a community cycling club based in the Hatch Warren and Beggarwood area of Basingstoke. 

The club's motto is "Come ride with us" and our hope is that you do, we are working to be as inclusive as possible and encourage you to join in and enjoy the ride.

Oakley Pedalers

Our philosophy is simple. To get people of all ages back into the saddle to rediscover the pleasures and benefits of cycling within the company of a small, informal, friendly group. We cater for all comers and organize family rides, local adult rides, ladies group rides, on and off road routes, as well as more strenuous weekend away special rides.

Fleet Cycling

Fleet Cycling has over 200 members and we welcome riders of all abilities to join us on our popular local cycle rides around Fleet and the surrounding Hampshire countryside. We offer weekly club rides every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday for experienced cyclists. They start at the Hart Leisure Centre, Emerald Avenue, Hitches Lane, Fleet, GU51 5EE.

North Hampshire Road Club

North Hampshire Road Club is a well-established cycling club with a friendly atmosphere based around the Basingstoke and Tadley areas. With a large active membership of all ages and abilities, the club promotes events and activities that can be enjoyed by anyone that rides a bike.

Melrose Hall & Popley Fields Community Cycle Club

We offer free group rides (all ages) and 1-1 sessions for the Adult learner or returning rider. All Our ride leaders are fully trained by Cycling UK and have had DBS checks. Our rides are aimed at the novice or returning rider, are mainly off road on shared footpaths, and aprox 5 miles (with a pit stop).

Odiham Cycling Club

No need to go out doing those long cycling routes on your own any more. If you're one of those cycling fans who is always looking to go out cycling with others rather than on your own, then come and join the Odiham Cycling Club.

Hook Velo

Community based cycle club. Friendly group of individuals who love cycling, want to keep fit and enjoy our beautiful countryside, our aim is to bring cyclists together into this social club to enjoy group rides.

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Focusing on E-bike sales in Basingstoke.

Winkelbury Cycles

Bike Sales and Servicing

Pedal On

Web-based bike sales and shop in Tadley. Servicing also

Basing Cycles

Bike Sales and servicing in Basingstoke

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Local Shops & Bike Repairs
Local Cycling Clubs


Service & Repair

Bringing the Pro Workshop to You. Serving Basingstoke and the surrounding areas, its the most convenient solution to get your bike repaired and serviced.

Reading Bicycle Kitchen

Do it yourself bike maintenance workshop, (Dec 2017) Currently seeking new premises. 

Ed 'n' a Bike

Cycle Touring Holidays and offers bike repairs at an Overton workshop.

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Route Finding


Wondering where to cycle?
Here we have gathered links to tools to create your own routes and to maps of local cycle routes. 

There are a range of GPS tools suitable to attach to your handlebars to help you follow a pre-set route when cycling or you can download routes to you mobile phone instead. Of course, you can choose to take a paper map instead (or in addition as a backup..)


For an overview of  Basingstoke cycle provisions download the (out-of-date) Basingstoke cycle map (PDF, 2MB) or check this Openstreet map.

Generic map tools:

  • Cyclestreets: dedicated journey planner for cyclists.There are a range of options to suit your journey purpose or cycling style together with satellite views and street views.

  • Google maps: online map and route planner. Good for printing or to send directions to phone.

  • Openstreetmap: free, open source, editable online map to create routes. Use in conjunction with Osmand as an offline  navigation tool on your phone.

  • Ordnance Survey: prepare routes and download maps to phone.

  • Streetmap: allows you to view sections of an OS map or any other type of view but does not provide routes. 

Also: historic map of Basingstoke area (from Sabre-roads.)

Cycle route sharing tools:

Two popular sites where people post their cycle routes. You can plan your ride there with the mapping tool or upload the GPS track of a ride you have completed.

These sites are primarily intended as workout logs for fitness (or competition). They are very useful to share routes.


  • National Cycle Network route 23 goes through the borough. There are 2 maps to download:

  • Basingstoke and Alton Light Railway, (BALR) (Openstreetmap): not open for use,as much has reverted to private fields but Ellisfield residents would like to create it as a cycle route

  • Cycling Discoveries routes: (summary PDF)

    on-road routes (Openstreetmap)

Off-road routes

  • The Hampshire County Council website has more cycling maps (to purchase from Ordnance survey).

  • The cycle route sharing tools listed above (Map my Ride and Strava) are good places to find suggestions for local cycle rides.


Bridleways and Restricted Byways are rights of way (ROWs) that can be used by cyclists in the countryside, they are shown on OS maps and the definitive map created by Hampshire County Council.  There are also permissive path such as the Oakley to Kempshott path which allow cycling.  These are created by the landowner who can withdraw permission.

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Buying a Bike



Why cycle gives advice on buying a bike.
Further advice on bike makes that fit the female physique is available at Total women's cycling

Tax free government cycle to work scheme
Find out how to buy bikes tax free for commuting and work. All the administration is done for your employer through
Bike2Work Scheme or alternatively through Cyclescheme

Where to buy a bike
See our Cycle shops page for a list of places to buy new or used bikes locally. Also the internet based bike purchases are becoming more and more common. If you do buy off the internet, please take note of below.


The most important element in buying a bike is the sizing. This handy guide will steer you in the right direction Bike Sizing - be mindful that different brands will size slightly differently, so it can always be worth considering a bike fit if you are making a considerable investment in your bike purchase. 



If you have not used your bike for a while and need to boost your confidence on the road, adult training is available:​


Hampshire County Council is committed to provide pupils with the opportunity to undertake Bikeability Level 2 and 3 cycle training (Bikeability is ‘cycling proficiency’). Bikeability Level 2 is available to Years 5, 6 and 7 and the more advanced Level 3 is available to children in Years 7, 8 and 9 that have already achieved Level 2 standard. Contact your school to find out about training sessions.

Learn more about bikeability on the Bikeability website.

Bike maintenance
The My Journey project offers Cycle maintenance training courses in Basingstoke.


The Law:
On public highways, cyclist must follow The Highway Code. In particular, make sure you know the additional rules for cyclists.  You do not have to use a bell but you must have lights front and back at night.  It is illegal to cycle on the footway (the pavement next to the carriageway) unless it has been designated a cycle way but it is not compulsory to use cycle routes.

Bike condition
Check that your bike is road-worthy before setting off. Here are a couple of nice simple check lists: one from the Richmond Cyclist Training Scheme and the other from GOOD. Remember that bicycles must have working front and rear lights to ride at night.

Cycle skills:

Helmets do not prevent accidents but good cycle skills can.  see  You are safer if you have good bike handling skills and know how to negotiate obstacles and traffic. If you want to brush up your skills and/or develop more confidence you can always book a session with an accredited cycle trainer

On the road it  is important to both see and be seen - occupy the centre of your lane or ride at least half a metre out from the kerb.  You can always move closer to the kerb if somebody overtakes too close, but if you are already in the gutter you have nowhere to go.  Indicate to other road users what you intend by road positioning and by looking, signalling and then moving when safe to do so.  At junctions occupy the centre of the lane whether you are turning left or right.  Be alert and anticipate the actions of others and if possible make eye contact.

for bikehandling skills there are tips at


a few mountain bike skills are useful on offroad sections of a cycle routes due to all the obstacles!


British law does not require you to wear a helmet although the organisers of some cycle events do require helmets to be worn. Helmets do not prevent accidents and there is conflicting evidence on their effectiveness in the event of a crash on to your head.   The actual risk of head injury is remote, less than crossing the street, walking up stairs, climbing a stepladder, skating, travelling in a car, etc.   Wearing a helmet is therefore a personal decision.

A head injury can occur if you come off head first over the handlebars if you brake suddenly using your front brakes only or if riding down a steep or bumpy section on a mountain bike and not keeping your weight over the back wheel. Learn to brake safely!

Helmets must be fitted correctly or they can cause injury or obscure your vision.

Hampshire Constabulary provide tips to keep your bicycle safe. Includes advice on recording your bike description, registering your bike and locking your bike.

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