A cycling  manifesto for schools and  local sports clubs

Cycle Basingstoke is asking local sports clubs and schools to adopt a cycling manifesto similar to the business cycling manifest and to lobby local government for cycle infrastructure that is fit for purpose so that young people can cycle to their sports club or stay for after school activities.  Many children, for example, cannot attend sports meetings at Down Grange because they live on the other side of the town centre.  They do not have parents or adults who can ferry them to their clubs and cannot use their bikes because there are no safe routes suitable for cycling.

We suggest that clubs affiliate to Cycle Basingstoke so as to increase our lobbying power.  We can then collaborate to launch a petition or an e-mail campaign.  A most effective tactic would be to fill the inboxes of local councillors asking for specific cycling measures; the precise ones you need to get your children to cycle to your events and training sessions.   If you make a vague request  for cycle routes you will get a yes answer but no action, or a cycle route that is not usable or useful.