A30 Cycle Highway

Cycle Basingstoke (CB) has been campaigning for a Blue Super Highway for cycling ever since the Hampshire Council agreed to one at the Local Plan Inquiry in 2015. However this was ignored in the Basingstoke Cycle Strategy and in the feasibility study for cycling accepted in February 2017. Last year in May and again in February 2018 this year we insisted on a proper cycle lane, AAA standard, for All Ages and Ability, suitable for children on bikes or fast commuters whatever their journey purpose or type of bike. We want a segregated cycle lane parallel to the main road, but protected from it with priority over side roads and not on a pavement shared with pedestrians as at Kennel farm on the A30 below. This is how to create cycling difficulties, not cycling facilities. If they can make SPACE FOR CYCLING in London, why cannot do it here in Basingstoke?


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