Bikes on trains

The government is consulting on how to make cycling easier and more popular. In a survey run by Campaign for Better Transport 85% of respondents voted for more space for bikes on trains. This is a picture by Beate Kubitz of a typical bike carriage in Germany. No problem there if you and the family want to take the train to go on a cycling holiday.

When I go up to London I like to take my Brompton, no worrying if the taxi will turn up or walking because there is no bus that early on a Sunday morning. Sadly the journey home is usually problematic as it is difficult to find space on the train, even for a Brompton.

London is a delight for cycling compared with Basingstoke, plenty of direct, quiet roads or wide cycle lanes on busy streets and well signposted. Cycle Basingstoke continues to lobby Hampshire Highways to use London Cycle Design Standards instead of hopping up and down kerbs and zigzaggning across every side road.

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