Basingstoke Transport Festival

Lots of visitors signed up to Cycle Basingstoke, supporting our campaigns for cycle friendly roads and cycle routes which you can actually use and which are safe.

There were lots of bikes to look at, a town bike from Paris with no gears, fast steel bikes from the 50s and 60s, a unique 1999 racing bike with no seat tube, the saddle floated up and down on the top tube. A modern touring bike with panniers showed how much luggage a bike can carry. The two electric bikes kindly displayed by e-spokes had modern batteries which meant that cycling over 50 miles was a mere doddle. The only thing stopping you would be all those end of route signs, gates, barriers and bothersome bollards! Bikes are changing all the time, they are the transport of the future as well as the present, the people who design our cycle facilities (difficulties) just do not seem to understand that.

Have a look at Rikki of Pankhurst cycles balancing on a stationary Roy Thame bike. It was travelling much faster when its former owner Ray Booty broke the record and clocked100 miles in under 4 hours!!

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