E-cargo bikes charge ahead

Local business (left) in Chineham is using an electric cargo bike to deliver goods to customers.

During a parliamentary debate on 9 May, Jesse Norman (Minister for Transport) said that e-cargo bikes “… have a very important potential public purpose in substituting for diesel-using small vans, especially in urban contexts."

The Department for Transport has announced a zero emission vehicle summit to take place in Birmingham in September and talked about “grants and/or other financial incentives to support the use of e-cargo bikes.”

Grants are available for electric vans why not e-cargo bikes. Cycle Basingstoke is all in favour of deliveries by bike as an alternative to HGVs for the last few miles in town. This would help eliminate one of the most serious risks cyclists and pedestrians face in urban areas (CSR 4.1.3).

E-bikes are not just about carrying deliveries. They can also help people with health problems or disabilities benefit from cycling, which is why Cycle Basingstoke would like to see the Government support "try before you buy" schemes to offer e-bikes on prescription, or through community initiatives.

  • Government announcement

  • Parliamentary debate

  • Sainsbury’s has been trialling five e-cargo bikes to deliver orders to online customers in South London. Operating out of the Streatham Common store, the bikes should be able to deliver around 100 orders a day, avoid congestion during peak hours by using cycle lanes, and park closer to customers’ homes.

There are now bike taxis in London and if you are want to cycle effortlessly up the hills all our local cycle shops sell electric bikes, why not try one out.

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