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May 13, 2020

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A30 cycle route news

July 25, 2019

Cycle Basingstoke is continuing to campaign for cycle infrastructure that is suitable for cycling, which makes cycling an efficient and safe way to travel, potentially faster and more convenient than the car. This is a short update on what is happening on the A30. Attend our meeting in September if you want to find out more, (see calendar).


The latest consultation is a Supplementary Planning Document for the Basingstoke Golf Course. This closes at 4pm on 5 August. Cycle Basingstoke will be replying and re-iterating what was said in its reply to the planning application 19/00971/OUT which can be found by going to


The economic case for real cycle lanes


Hampshire councillors don't believe it is economic to build cycle lanes.  This is what we are telling them.


Cycle travel is space efficient, for example segregated cycle lanes in central London move five times more people per square metre than the main carriageway*.  


The surface for a cycle track is less expensive to build and maintain than the main carriageway. It makes good economic sense therefore to provide a comprehensive cycle network so that people can travel on a cycle. Cycle Basingstoke is demanding proper segregated cycle lanes along the whole length of the A30 from North Waltham to Kings Furlong. Cycle Basingstoke has replied to lots of applications for new housing on the A30 stating what is needed as well as the Transport Strategy and Vision 2050. Literally thousands of new houses are being built along the A30, if only one car per house is used in the rush hour this will lead to thousands of more cars on the A30, with difficulties getting on to and off the A30.


More houses, more cars, what the Highways Authority is doing


The Highways Authority (Hampshire County Council) has decided the solution is to redesign the roundabouts and junctions but not increase the number of lanes. Higher capacity junctions will not reduce the number of cars, only the severity of bottlenecks. The other official proposal is Mass Rapid Transport (trams). This is very expensive and will require a lot of dedicated space, it would only reduce traffic volumes if well used, yet distance to the bus stop, time spent waiting, convenient bus times, need to change buses could mean very low passenger numbers. The ideal solution is independent travel, door to door, at whatever time of day you require, by the shortest route (in time and distance) – in other words cycling. Real cycle routes would mean children cycling to school, time saved ferrying children around, money saved and no need to own several cars or even use the car and less congestion for motor traffic.


Cycle Basingstoke is demanding cycle routes suitable for everyone, all types of cycle vehicle, whatever their shape and size, and all journey purposes. We don’t want cycle routes from nowhere to nowhere; we need cycle tracks that can be easily reached from your front or back door and take you all the way to school, work, shops, station, to meet friends, go to brownies, the sports club, social club….At present only the roads do this and many of these are hostile to cycling.


To date there has only been provision for walking (shared use pavements) and no proposals for real cycle infrastructure in the future despite available space on the A30, LEP funding for transport mitigation measures, a Borough Cycling Strategy and an A30 and A33 feasibility study. The solution of the feasibility study was shared use of existing pedestrian facilities, so new build.


Cycle Basingstoke believes there is both space and money available to create a model cycle route along the A30, safely segregated from motor traffic, not bits of pavement shared with pedestrians. New housing on the A30 includes Kempshott Park, Longacre, Hounsome Fields and the Golf course. None of these sites have facilities for cycling, only walking, and there are no plans for a proper cycle route along the A30 only sections of pavement.  


Cycle Basingstoke has replied to various planning applications saying what is needed. To read what we said go to

and look for the following Hounsome Fields, Island site, Golf course. We have used our consultee status “CTC Right to Ride” to reply to “reserved matters” on Hounsome fields which considers the cycle infrastructure, but this reply is not in the public domain.


The Island site on the A30 is to have a hotel, old people’s home and retirement flats, which will employ a lot of people. Lack of cycle infrastructure was debated when it went to Development Control Committee due to representations by Cycle Basingstoke. It was approved on the understanding that the Cycling Strategy would solve the problem. We were not consulted when 45 retirement flats were approved in May 2019, this is upsetting as not only are there no satisfactory cycle connections for the many people working there, there is hardly any space for cycle storage and not much car parking space for either residents, employees or visitors, so a rather isolated island.


The latest consultation is a Supplementary Planning Document for the Basingstoke Golf Course. This closes at 4pm on 5 August. Cycle Basingstoke will be replying and re-iterating what was said in its reply to the planning application 19/00971/OUT which can be found by going to You can find out more by attending the Annual General Meeting of Cycle Basingstoke on 10th September or by becoming a member. Everyone is welcome to attend, we would love to hear your ideas or answer your questions. *Freedom of Information request detail from Transport for London  A


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