Cycling the steps - the new cycle route challenge

Cycle Basingstoke campaigns for cycle routes that are useful and usable, quick,direct, convenient ways of getting around.

I was amused or bemused by the latest cycling facility, or should I say cycling difficulty. This is the new "playground" at the entrance to the new Holly Blue pub in Hatch Warren, just off the A30, "a few minutes drive from the M3" and an obstacle course for nearby residents. Are you supposed to get caterpillar tyres for your bicycle like the army tanks. or is it a fun facility (difficulty?) to encourage bmx bikes?

At Cycle Basingstoke we think these steps on a cycle route are a disgrace encouraging irresponsible behaviour and preventing people from getting to the public house. More people cycling responsibly means cleaner air, less congestion and more convenient journeys for everyone.

We ask you to complain to your local councillor or email councillor Dan Putty you can copy us in at

We tabled a question to the Borough Council on Thursday 27 Feb 2019. We were told by Councillor Ruffell that a toucan crossing of Beggarwood lane was being built and that the applicant had not included the steps in the planning application. How do we allow this sort of planning application to go ahead in future? We were told that councillors had to be more aware in future. Cycle Basingstoke has sent the council a checklist of questions which all major planning applicants, developers and officers should be able to answer satisfactorily. Cycling should be made more difficult than other means of transport, this is discriminatory, especially when more cycling has so many benefits for everyone, not just the travellers on the bike.

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