Bus travel is almost impossible at present, the healthy alternative is walking and cycling, but we need more SPACE to make it SAFE. Hampshire council (HCC) will be putting cycle lanes through the railway tunnel and up the hill while restricting motor traffic. Cycle Basingstoke is delighted that Hampshire has listened to us.

I have a motto, if you don't ask, you don't get. It is not about complaining or whinging, it is about finding solutions and asking for them. Please use HCC interactive map to mark in what you want during the covid crisis. For example temporary cycle lanes can be put in using white paint and cones.

Winton Square

HCC hopes to make Winton Square, a blackspot for air pollution from traffic, more cycle and walking friendly and reduce the motor traffic here. HCC is asking for ideas from you, the general public, as to what you think is needed most. Only if new measures are successful and popular will they become permanent.

Top of town

if you think that considerate cycling should be allowed in the Top of Town please go to the interactive map and flag this up. The more people that ask the more likely it will happen.

Cycle Basingstoke has put together a list of suggestions that we have sent to HCC. If you agree or have any other ideas please put them on the interactive map. You can also email your local councillors to get political support for what is needed. Councillors cannot represent you or work for you if they do not know what you think.

school run

Just think what it would mean for your children if they could safely walk and cycle to school and not suffer from air pollution from cars parking outside the school. You could ask for the road in front of the school to be closed off at school start and finish times as they are already doing elsewhere.

Frightened to cycle?

Do you lack confidence, on your own or in a family group? Bikeability can help you with specific skills and techniques to use on your chosen route, or go to Cycling UK videos on useful tips. Ask HCC for Bikeability training for everyone, whatever their age.

pop-up cycle lanes

Is there a road where you would like a cycle lane? Then why not ask for it on the map. Temporary cycle lanes can be put in using white paints and cones for protection.

New Cycle Map

A new cycle map for the whole borough of Basingstoke, was promised a few years ago. It will soon be launched and include the new temporary covid facilities. In the meantime you can still see the old map of Basingstoke town under route finding on the local information page or use openstreetmap. You can also use for a selection of routes to your destination.

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