Upper Swallick New Town to swallow Cliddesden and Ellisfield

Save Basingstoke and the countryside for cycling. Sign the petition on STaNHD (Stand up for the North Hampshire Downs https://www.stanhd.com/.

Email the local councillors

Lord Portsmouth seems to think it is a good idea to build "a garden town" (similar to Manydown?) turning farmland and open countryside into a sprawl of housing, justified because there will be lots of space for wildlife. Not content with poisoning the fields every Autumn with roundup (that is why they turn yellow and then orange) destroying the habitat for birds and flowers, these fields and woods could be covered by houses with a "town centre" at the top of the hill in Elllisfield.

The Portsmouth Estate has proposed a development of 2,500 houses; https://www.mediationinplanning.co.uk/usg

or read more at Stand up for the North Hampshire Downs

Main Access to the new town will be from the A339 and along Woods lane and the NCN23 long distance cycle route which is the alternative to the A339 for people cycling to Alton. It is used by walkers, runners and cyclists and on the Half Marathon route.

There is an action group that has been set up called STaNHD (Stand up for the North Hampshire Downs) here is a link to their website; https://www.stanhd.com/. They also have a Facebook page - please could people ‘like’ the page and sign the online petition .

Please spread the word to your friends and/or write to the local ward Councillors to say you don’t want to see development on this land. The more people write the more power we give to councillors to speak on our behalf and stop this going ahead.

Email the local ward councillors they have the power to speak on your behalf.

Hatch Warren and Beggarwood; Cllr Rebecca Bean, Cllr Dan Putty and Cllr Terri Reid

Brighton Hill North; Cllr Andy Konieczko and Cllr Mark Taylor

Brighton Hill South; Cllr Kim Taylor and Cllr Andrew McCormick

Upton Grey and the Candovers; Cllr Mark Ruffell

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