As the fate of the Camrose football ground continues to hang in the balance, works to install traffic lights on Brighton Hill roundabout in September have not started. Revamped plans were passed by Hampshire County Council last Wednesday 2nd December.

Hampshire County council is now consulting with specific stakeholders on the details of the latest roundabout changes. Heather, for Cycle Basingstoke, was able to talk them over with the project manager the next day. Some Cycle Basingstoke members will also be speaking with leader of the Borough Labour party and councillor for Brighton Hill Andy McCormick.

To see the proposals for Brighton Hill roundabout go to page 19 of the document that has been signed off Councillor Humbey or more information about the meeting.

What are the new proposals for Brighton Hill roundabout?

  • All underpasses on the roundabout will be removed.

  • There will be no link road through the Camrose football ground,

  • access to and from the roundabout from Western Way will remain open and be traffic light controlled.

  • Proposed cycle lanes on Winchester road are abandonned as no space available (previously land from the Camrose would have been used)

  • Proposed cycle route from the roundabout to Pack lane and across to Quilter road mostly removed, it will barely go as far as Halfords.

  • A new cycle route from the roundabout to Sullivan road is proposed.

  • a cycle route along Western Way from the Camrose mini roundabout on one side to the roundabout and another one from the roundabout to Whitehouse close.

The new arrangements for the roundabout are bad news for cycling, nothing joined up apart from Western Way and Brighton Way.

Instead of finishing in 2021 it will start hopefully Autumn 2021 and take 2 years. Because of the delay a considerable amount of funding has been forfeited. The total budget will be £19.3 million pound.

The Brighton Way cycle route well cost £410 thousand pounds, it is separate and comes out of the Emergency Active Travel Fund, Work will start in summer 2021 and last 10 weeks.

Comments from Heather on the proposals which can be seen on the map go to page 19.

No Space taken from the Camrose ground to widen the northern pavement of Winchester road has meant the cycle route to LTN 1/20 standards is not possible here, likewise on the other side of the road. The embankment makes it difficult to widen the footway especially as it would affect the footway from the retail park.

The cycle route on the north side stops just short of the bus stop, despite the width being insufficient I asked for no end of route sign and to allow cycling on the narrow footway as people do and will cycle on this footway anyway.

I questionned whether removing the existing ramp and using the new ramp only (on the mud path leading to the recycling van) was a solution, there by making a cycle route possible on the south side. The problem would then be no footway or cycletrack through the car park from this access point. How many people who get off the bus here come from or go to this retail park? We don't know. I have noticed most people get off the bus and then proceed to the underpass on the roundabout.

The cycle route along Winchester road west to Pack lane has been shortened as insufficient funding. I have asked for the cycle track to be extended as far as the Fox and hounds, as otherwise it finishes half way along a pavement before you even get to the footpath to Hobbycraft. This is a dangerous point at which to join the carriageway and who is likely to do so?

I have suggested that the entrance and exit to the shell garage be one way so as to reduce the number of right turns and create more space for cycling as well as the number of traffic manoeuvres.. What do others think? I have also asked for the wide radii of the side roads to be reduced, i.e. sharper corners to slow down motor traffic.

I am told that Hampshire County Council is seeking funding to continue the cycle routes along the A30 as originally planned.

I consider that The Brighton Way cycle route needs to go across Sullivan road and into the ASDA carpark. - this proposal to be discussed with Brighton Hill school to-day (Friday 4th Dec). Questionable whether this will be allowed as it will mean cycling through a car park. What does Brighton Hill school think of this? I am glad that vegetation will be cut back where side paths join the this route to improve visibility.

Western Way will remain open to the roundabout, with a cycle route from Camrose roundabout to Brighton Hill roundabout and priority over side roads and side entrances. A cycle route on the other side will go from the roundabout, but only as far as Whitehouse close.

One glimmer of comfort, thanks to Western Way being open the cycle time for traffic movement is one minute, so no long waits for cyclists and pedestrians to cross to and from the central island. Pedestrians and cyclists will need to cross on to the central island in order to travel from one arm of the roundabout to another one. This is similar to the ring road/Norn hill/Reading road roundabout.

Overall very unsatisfactory, but limited funding makes improvements impossible. The plans for the Winchester road west link to Pack lane and then across the A30 will be kept until a funding opportunity arises.

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