Gateway closed to cycling

Cycle Basingstoke says no to Gateway warehousing at M3 junction junction 7

Read our response and send your objection to the council

Gateway planning application reply - CB
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CAGE says no to turning a whole farm turned into into warehouses at junction 7 of M3 all the way. Write to the council asap, have a look at how to write a response and what the problems are

Residents say no to yet more building from Hatch Warren into Dummer as far as the Sun at North Waltham. What sort of gateway is an industrial park? Have a look at what others have said

It is already difficult for people to cycle into Basingstoke from Dummer and North Waltham. This will make it virtually impossible.

There are no cycle connections from the site, a potential large employer, to other parts of

the Borough, the town centre and central rail station. This means the only access for

employees will be by car, increasing pollution and congestion

Design principles do not conform with best practice

The site is outside the Local Plan building boundary, and if the boundary were extended it

is undesirable for urban planning to be ribbon development along the A30/A33 as far as North Waltham

We need to conserve our countryside for farming as at present UK imports about half our

food. Food self sufficiency will become more important with the impending changes in

both the global and local economy.

The rural location will increase pollution and congestion and risk of accidents to cyclists

There are no cycle connections:

There is no direct, convenient, fast route into town apart from the main road which has no

dedicated space for cycling. The nearest route begins at the station via NCN 23 and

Beggarwood only goes as far as the “country” pub. It is very circuitous and inconvenient and

takes 50 minutes. The Travel Assessment (TA) claims it would take 30 minutes. The

isochrones are irrelevant in the absence of any space for cycling along direct routes.

Claims made by the applicant in the Transport Assessment are backed by evidence which shows the opposite. Claims in paragraphs 3.19 -3.26 are contradicted by the

evidence. 3.27 – 3.30 applies to walking only and does not cycling as well.

The cycle route within Hounsome fields is suitable for cycling within Hounsome fields, but it meanders all over the place and does not have any link to a direct route into the town centre.

As shown on the map in the applicant’s travel assessment there is only access to and from

the Golf Course from a new access roundabout on the A30, there are no other cycle

connections to/from this site. This roundabout is planned to connect Hounsome Fields, Golf

course and the Island site by cycle. there is no link from the Golf course to Dummer, North Waltham or the Gateway. or any plans for a connection southwest towards

the Gateway on either side of the A30.

Any cycle routes to be built by the hospital, Hounsome fields or Golf course developers are only possibilities, not certainties, and if built this could be ten or more years away, but the start date for building the Gateway is next spring.

There are many local footpaths (illegal to cycle on these), only one bridleway (Roman road),

and no restricted byeways, this is presumably why the Ramblers Association was consulted

but not the CTC or Cycling UK (TA 3.10 -3.26). None of these public RoWs are suitable for

travelling to work as they are unpaved, unlit, and isolated.

Good walking connections are irrelevant in the context of walking to work if the distance is

over 3 miles and if they cannot be used for cycling.

The applicant is providing at grade crossings at the road junctions on the A30, but there is no direct cycle route to these.

Multiple at grade crossings are inconvenient, time consuming and not as safe as bridges or


The crossings are not useful if any route to them is too difficult to use see figures 1 – 4 in the pdf above

Traffic will increase between the M3 jtn 7 and North Waltham, no space for cycling is being


The new roundabout junctions will make cycling hazardous as no provision for cycling

Increased lorry traffic on local rural roads

Up road Dummer is a quiet road suitable for leisure cycling linking to Farleigh, but does not

provide a direct route into town.

All possible routes need major improvements with dedicated space for cycling to provide

connections to North Waltham, Oakley, town centre

The location is not suitable as it will very probably lead to increased motor traffic on local rural roads and increased hazards to cyclists. Traffic estimates based on Departments for Transport’s annual traffic count data show that around 69 % of on-road pedal cycle traffic occurs on urban roads in comparison with 31 % cent on rural roads. Despite carrying only 31 % of pedal cycle traffic, 55 %of pedal cyclist fatalities occur on rural roads

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