What we want...

We want a Borough where cycling is normal and possible for
  • All people 
  • All Ages
  • All Abilities (AAA)

Main deterrents to cycling are
  • danger from traffic (real or perceived)
  • nowhere to cycle
  • bicycle theft
We want cycle routes that are
  •  useful and usable (AAA)
  •  fast, safe and direct (pct)

We want new developments and road schemes that are built for cycling and "cycle proofed"

How we campaign:
  • reply to planning applications and consultations
  • report highway dangers - e.g. potholes, blockages
  • report dangerous behaviour e.g. car parking on cycle routes
  • speak to councillors, MPs and others
  • listen to the public, cyclists and non-cyclists
  • work with others

What we say

Our opinions are supported by research evidence, government guidelines and information from other cycling groups.
Below are links to pictures and some of the references we use

Manual for Streets
LTNs Local Transport Notes
London Cycle Design Standards

Non governmental and Cycling groups

https://cyclinguphill.com/    lots of advice and good pictures

http://www.aviewfromthecyclepath.com/  David Hembrow in Holland and how the dutch do it